Bridging the Gap (BTG) is a temporary contact program designed to assist the newcomer in making the transition from a treatment facility to Alcoholics Anonymous. Bridging the Gap supplies the newcomer with a temporary AA contact once they arrive home from the facility. The AA contact assists them with attending AA meetings until they become comfortable attending meetings on their own.

How does it work? Before a person leaves the facility, their counselor or a staff member contacts the Bridging the Gap committee via Calgary Central Service Office. A BTG Coordinator then locates a temporary AA contact in the newcomer’s area. The temporary contact gets in touch with the newcomer shortly after their discharge from the facility, making arrangements to take the newcomer to a few meetings and introducing them to AA. This reduces the fear of going to meetings alone. The temporary contact can also answer questions that the newcomer might have about AA; on topics like the importance of a home group, sponsorship, going to meetings, the literature, the AA Big Book, etc. If you would like to volunteer as a contact, please fill out the form below.