Update November 25, 2020

Please read below for updates on Calgary AA meetings and Services

With the Province entering Stage 2 of re-opening after the Covid-19 shutdown, some AA groups are returning to in-person meetings. These groups are following the government requirements for social distancing which means attendance at some meetings may be limited. At this point, Central Office and the website committee is relying upon AA members to keep us informed of their group’s current status. As soon as we are aware of any changes, these will be posted to the website, usually within a few hours. There are a lot of changes happening rapidly and we will do our best to keep you informed.

The following changes are now in effect:


  • On November 25th, 2020, the Alberta Associate Minister of Mental Heath and Addictions declared AA EXEMPT from the number of individuals allowed in private social gatherings – barring they comply with the guidelines of distancing and proper facial protection.
  • View a list of all temporarily closed meetings, or by day; Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday 
  • Online Meetings
    • Zoom Meetings as of April 5th, 2020 will require a password for those attending a meeting through the Meeting ID Number. Those attending a meeting via zoom link will not require a password.
  • ** IMPORTANT ** For places still holding in-person meetings, they must follow the guidelines as laid out by Alberta Health or risk being shut down.
  • Groups must also practice social distancing as required by Alberta Health
  • Good sterilization and cleaning practices for frequently touched areas can be found here

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  • Calgary and Region Online Meetings

See All Calgary and Region Online Meetings (click here)

      • From a Computer/Laptop/Tablet:
        • – Download Zoom (Zoom.us – The Cloud Meeting)
        • – Dark grey area at the bottom of the page
        • – Computer must have camera and microphone
      • From a Smartphone/iPad:
        • – Download Zoom app

CLICK:   Join Meeting

Enter Personal Meeting ID + password, or click Zoom icon link if available

  • Area 78 Online Meeting Directory

Area 78 has a downloadable PDF containing regional online AA Meetings (click here)

  • Online Intergroup

This is a website hosting a variety of online meetings http://aa-intergroup.org/ 

  • Registering an Online Meeting with Calgary Intergroup

If your group has moved online and you would like to register it with calgaryaa.org simply fill out this form (click here)

  • Alternatives

Groups are currently using Social Media, Google Hangouts, Zoom and other forms of online resources to host and attend meetings. Check with your group members or GSR’s and find out what your group is doing.

  • How-To-Set-Up-Your-Own-Online-Meeting

How To Create Remote meetings instructions

If attending a meeting the following guidelines are recommended by Alberta Health Services for all events/meetings of 50 people or less:

  • Clarify that individuals who are sick with a fever or cough should not attend (even if symptomsappear to be mild or resembling a cold);
  • Recommend that anyone at high-risk of severe disease not attend the event;
  • Reduce the number of participants or change the venue to prevent crowding;
  • Stagger the time of arrivals and departures;
  • Provide packaged refreshments instead of a buffet;
  • Increase access to handwashing stations;
  • Frequently clean surfaces that are touched often;
  • Promote personal protective practices (hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, staying home if ill); (note; would be good to have a link to that info here)
  • Offer virtual or live‐streamed activities instead of in-person events; and
  • Change the event program to remove activities that increase the risk of disease transmission suchas those that require physical contact between participants

For more information please see Alberta Health Services