The Public Information Committee meets every last Tuesday of the month at AA Calgary Central Office, 4021 – 4 St. S.E. Calgary, Alberta

Looking for information on AA?

Our public information committee can provide information for your school, business or institution

If you would like our members to give a presentation to your organization simply submit a request.

The Public Information (PI) Committee is much like all of AA, where the primary purpose of members involved with PI service is to carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers; they do this by educating the general public of the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous as a resource in the community.

Working together, members of a PI committee convey AA information to the general public through activities like:

  • Giving AA information talks at schools and civic organization meetings.
  • Providing AA literature to schools and offices.
  • Insuring local media has accurate information and providing them with AA public service announcements.

Download Poster

Download Calgary AA Intergroup’s Public Information Poster


Whether you are seeking information for personal reasons or are looking to educate your employees, faculty, students or staff on Alcoholics Anonymous, the following literature should help answer and questions you may have. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, or wish to arrange for a presentation, please contact us directly.

Cooperating with Court, D.W.I. and Similar Programs
Public Information
For A.A. Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field
Cooperation with the Professional Community
Accessibility for All Alcoholics

A.A. At a Glance
Where Do I Go From Here?
A Message to Teenagers
A.A. Fact File
A.A. for the Older Alcoholic – Never Too Late
Faith Leaders Ask About A.A.
How A.A. Members Cooperate with Professionals
Alcoholics Anonymous in your Community
Problems Other Than Alcohol
Too Young?
Speaking at non-A.A. meetings
A Member’s Eye View of Alcoholics Anonymous
A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous
Understanding Anonymity
A.A. Membership Survey

Looking at getting into service? The following resources can help give you an understanding on the Public Information Committee’s purpose and responsibilities. If you have any further questions or would like to join the PI Committee please feel free to contact us directly.

GSO's PI Workbook

Learn all about AA's Public Information purpose, procedures and policies

PI Kit

Download a full .zip file of all of AA's approved Public Information material

*some contents missing or discontinued